2007 Vol. 21, No. 4

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Analysis on Anomalous Precipitation in Southern China During Winter Monsoons
HE Xicheng, DING Yihui, HE Ruyi, HE Jinhai, LI Qiaoping
2007, 21(4): 385-396.
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Cloud and Radiation Processes Simulated by a Coupled Atmosphere-Ocean Model
WANG Fang, DING Yihui, XU Ying
2007, 21(4): 397-408.
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Numerical Experiments on the Spin-up Time for Seasonal-Scale Regional Climate Modeling
ZHONG Zhong, HU Yijia, MIN Jinzhong, XU Honglei
2007, 21(4): 409-419.
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Numerical Study on Microphysical Processes of Two Different Snowfall Cases in Northern China
SUN Jing, WANG Pengyun, LI Xiang, LU Ying
2007, 21(4): 420-437.
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Characteristics and Numerical Simulation of the Tropical Intraseasonal Oscillations under Global Warming
LIU Yunyun, YU Yongqiang, HE Jinhai, ZHANG Zhenguo
2007, 21(4): 438-499.
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Study on Two Categories of Sudden Stratospheric Warming
ZHANG Hengde, GAO Shouting, LU Weisong
2007, 21(4): 450-464.
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Application of Equivalent Black Body Temperature in the Forecast of Tropical Cyclone Intensity
CHEN Peiyan, DUAN Yihong, YU Hui, HU Chunmei
2007, 21(4): 465-475.
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A Variational Method for Estimating Near-Surface Soil Moisture and Surface Heat Fluxes
ZHANG Shuwen, ZHANG Weidong, QIU Chongjian
2007, 21(4): 476-486.
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Propagation of Strong Wave Package Center and Latitudinal Movement of Western Pacific Subtropical High
SONG Yan, MIAO Jinhai, JU Jianhua
2007, 21(4): 487-495.
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Effects of Different Initial Fields on GRAPES Numerical Prediction
ZHU Hongfang, WANG Dongyong, GUAN Zhaoyong, LIU Yong, FU Yunfei
2007, 21(4): 496-506.
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