Analysis of Basic Features of the Onset of the Asian Summer Monsoon
Western Pacific Jet Stream Anomalies at 200 hPa in Winter Associated with Oceanic Surface Heating and Transient Eddy Activity
Study on the Interaction of Non-axisymmetric Binary Vortices
Cold Air Activities in July 2004 and Its Impact on Intense Rainfalls over Southwest China
Reliability Analyses of Anomalies of NCEP/NCAR Reanalyzed Wind Speed and Surface Air Temperature in Climate Change Research in China
Variation Characteristics of Ambient NMHCs at Shangdianzi and Lin'an Regional GAW Sites
Macro- and Micro-Structures of Heavy Fogs and Visibility in the Dayaoshan Expressway
Automatic Identification of Storm Cells Using Doppler Radars
Characteristics of Two General Circulation Patterns During Floods over the Changjiang-Huaihe River Valley
A Medium/Long-Range Forecast of Paci c Subtropical High Based on Dynamic Statistic Model Reconstruction


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