The Effects of Model Resolution on the Simulation of Regional Climate Extreme Events
Validation of the Atmospheric Infrared Sounder Retrieval Products over China and Their Application in Numerical Mode
Variations of Precipitation Structure and Microwave Tbs During the Evolution of a Hailstorm from TRMM Observations
Reappraisal of Asian Summer Monsoon Indices and the Long-Term Variation of Monsoon
Testing the Ability of Numerical Model to Simulate Climate and Its Change With 4D-EOF Analysis
Seasonal Variations of the East Asian Subtropical Westerly Jet and the Thermal Mechanism
Long-Term Trend and Abrupt Change for Major Climate Variables in the Upper Yellow River Basin
Effect of Atmospheric Haze on the Deterioration of Visibility over the Pearl River Delta
Microphysical Effects of Cloud Seeding in Supercooled Stratiform Clouds Observed from NOAA Satellite
Effects of Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies off the East Coast of Japan on Development of the Okhotsk High
Numerical Simulations of Impacts of Urbanization on Heavy Rainfall in Beijing Using Di erent Land-Use Data


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