Numerical Simulation and Comparison Study of the Atmospheric Intraseasonal Oscillation
Typhoon Winnie (1997) with a Very Large Eye: High Resolution Numerical Simulation
Comparison of Three Tropical Cyclone Intensity Datasets
A Preliminary Study on the Self-Orgnization Process of Multi-Vortex
Numerical Study on Impact of the Boundary Layer Fluxes over Wetland on Sustention and Rainfall of Landfalling Tropical Cyclones
Comparative Experiments on the Effect of Radar Data Assimilation and Increasing Horizontal Resolution on Short-term Numerical Weather Prediction
Numerical Simulation on Development Mechanism of Meso- Scale Flow Field During a Heavy Rain Process in Henan Area
Comparison of the Double Summer Monsoon Troughs over East Asia
Study of Aerodynamic Parameters on Different Underling Surfaces
A Numerical Simulation Study of Impacts of Historical Land-Use Changes on the Regional Climate in China Since 1700
Numerical Research on Effects Upon Precipitation Forecast of Doppler-Radar Estimated Precipitation and Retrieved Wind Field Under Different Model Initial Schemes


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