Study on Physical Mechanism of Influence on Atmospheric Boundary Layer Depth in the Arid Regions of Northwest China
Study on the Changes of Water Vapor over Hexi Corridor and Adjacent Regions
Evaluation of the Effect of Artificial Precipitation Enhancement over Eastern Hexi Corridor
Numerical Simulation of CO2 Doubling Impacts on Regional Climate in Northwest China
Cloud Properties and Its Relation to Precipitation over Northwest China
Regional Features of Vapor Transfer and Precipitation Distributed in Northwest China
Spatio-Temporal Characteristics of Spring Precipitation Days in Eastern Northwest China and Their Responses to the Intensity of Surface Heat-Field in the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau
Spatial and Temporal Variations of Rainfall over Northern Asia in the Last 100 Years and Their Possible Changes in the Future
Analysis on the Potential Precipitation Resources over East Gansu
Remote Sensing Retrieval of Optical Character of Cloud and Distribution of Cloud Water in Qilian Mountains
Study on Quantitative Identification Sand and Dust Storm Using MODIS Data
Variations of Summer Precipitation and Its Relation with Vapor Transfer over the Qinghai Plateau
The Atmospheric Water Resource over the Qilian-Heihe Valley
An Experiment on the Air Flow Structure in a Meso- βHail System Using a Single New Generation Weather Radar


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