Numerical Assessing Experiments on the Individual Component Impact of the Meteorological Observation Network on the "July 2000" Torrential Rain in Beijing
ZHANG Chaolin, CHEN Min, KUO Ying-Hwa, FAN Shuiyong, ZHONG Jiqin
2006, 20(4): 389-401.
Abstract PDF
A Monthly Atmospheric Circulation Classification and Its Relationship with Climate in Harbin
JIA Liwei, LI Weijing, CHEN Deliang, AN Xiaocun
2006, 20(4): 402-412.
Abstract PDF
Application of Nonlinear Balance Scheme in Three-Dimensional Variational Data Assimilation
ZHUANG Zhaorong, XUE Jishan, ZHU Zongshen, LI Xingliang
2006, 20(4): 413-425.
Abstract PDF
Simulation and Analysis about the Effects of Geopotential Height Anomaly in Tropical and Subtropical Region on Droughts or Floods in the Yangtze River Valley and North China
HUANG Yanyan, QIAN Yongfu, WAN Qilin
2006, 20(4): 426-436.
Abstract PDF
Relationship Between the Eastern Tibetan Plateau Rainfall and Subtropical High Shift in Summer
GONG Yuanfa, HE Jinhai, CHEN Longxun
2006, 20(4): 437-446.
Abstract PDF
Establishment of Winter Wheat Regional Simulation Model Based on Remote Sensing Data and Its Application
MA Yuping, WANG Shili, ZHANG Li, HOU Yingyu, ZHUANG Liwei, WANG Futang
2006, 20(4): 447-458.
Abstract PDF
Impacts of 30-60-Day Oscillations over the Subtropical Pacific on the East Asian Summer Rainfall
HAN Rongqing, LI Weijing, DONG Min
2006, 20(4): 459-474.
Abstract PDF
Diurnal and Seasonal Variation of Clear-Sky Land Surface Temperature of Several Representative Land Surface Types in China Retrieved by GMS-5
WANG Minyan, Lu Daren
2006, 20(4): 475-488.
Abstract PDF
A Case Study of Cloud-to-Ground Lightning Activities in Hailstorms under Cold Eddy Synoptic Situation
FENG Guili, QIE Xiushu, YUAN Tie, ZHOU Yunjun
2006, 20(4): 489-499.
Abstract PDF
A Numerical Simulation Study of Typhoon Rananim(0414)
YU Zhenshou, XU Wenming, JI Chunxiao, ZHAO Fang, LOU Liyin
2006, 20(4): 500-511.
Abstract PDF


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