Recent Studies on Attributions of Climate Change in China
Projections of Climate Change over China for the 21st Century
Climate Change Projections for the 21st Century by the NCC/IAP T63 Model with SRES Scenarios
Dynamic Behavior and Unstable State Evolution of Ocean-Atmosphere Oscillator
Time-Dependent Solutions to the Fokker-Planck Equation of Maximum Reduced Air-Sea Coupling Climate Model
Simulation of 14C in IAP/LASG L30T63 Ocean Model
Numerical Simulation Study on the Scientific and Methodological Aspects of the Brazilian Proposal
Effects of the Indo-China Peninsula Heat Fluxes on the 1998 South China Sea Summer Monsoon
Variability of Summer Atmospheric Moisture Flux and Its Effect on Precipitation over East China
Variations of Meiyu Indicators in the Yangtze-Huaihe River Basin during 1954-2003
Severe Drought Events as Revealed in the Climate Records of China and Their Temperature Situations over the Last 1000 Years
The Terrestrial NPP Simulation in China since 6ka BP
Influence of Climate Change on Winter Wheat Growth in North China During 1950-2000


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