Recent Studies on Attributions of Climate Change in China
ZHAO Zongci, DING Yihui, LUO Yong, Wang Shaowu
2005, 19(4): 389-400.
Abstract PDF
Projections of Climate Change over China for the 21st Century
LUO Yong, ZHAO Zongci, XU Ying, GAO Xuejie, DING Yihui
2005, 19(4): 401-406.
Abstract PDF
Climate Change Projections for the 21st Century by the NCC/IAP T63 Model with SRES Scenarios
XU Ying, ZHAO Zongci, LUO Yong, GAO Xuejie
2005, 19(4): 407-417.
Abstract PDF
Dynamic Behavior and Unstable State Evolution of Ocean-Atmosphere Oscillator
DONG Wenjie, FENG Guolin
2005, 19(4): 418-428.
Abstract PDF
Time-Dependent Solutions to the Fokker-Planck Equation of Maximum Reduced Air-Sea Coupling Climate Model
FENG Guolin, DONG Wenjie, CAO Hongxing
2005, 19(4): 429-435.
Abstract PDF
Simulation of 14C in IAP/LASG L30T63 Ocean Model
LI Qingquan, SHI Guangyu
2005, 19(4): 436-446.
Abstract PDF
Numerical Simulation Study on the Scientific and Methodological Aspects of the Brazilian Proposal
HU Guoquan, DAI Xiaosu, Greg BODEKER, Andy REISINGER
2005, 19(4): 447-456.
Abstract PDF
Effects of the Indo-China Peninsula Heat Fluxes on the 1998 South China Sea Summer Monsoon
SHI Xueli, Johnny C. L. CHAN, K. C. CHOW, DING Yihui
2005, 19(4): 457-468.
Abstract PDF
Variability of Summer Atmospheric Moisture Flux and Its Effect on Precipitation over East China
JIANG Ying, ZHAI Panmao, WANG Qiyi
2005, 19(4): 469-478.
Abstract PDF
Variations of Meiyu Indicators in the Yangtze-Huaihe River Basin during 1954-2003
ZHANG Yanxia, ZHAI Panmao, QIAN Yongfu
2005, 19(4): 479-484.
Abstract PDF
Severe Drought Events as Revealed in the Climate Records of China and Their Temperature Situations over the Last 1000 Years
2005, 19(4): 485-491.
Abstract PDF
The Terrestrial NPP Simulation in China since 6ka BP
HE Yong, DONG Wenjie, JI Jinjun, DAN Li
2005, 19(4): 492-500.
Abstract PDF
Influence of Climate Change on Winter Wheat Growth in North China During 1950-2000
SONG Yanling, Elisabeth SIMELTON, CHEN Deliang, DONG Wenjie
2005, 19(4): 501-510.
Abstract PDF


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