The Uncertainty of Mesoscale Numerical Prediction of Heavy Rain in South China and the Ensemble Simulations?
Numerical Analysis of Effects of Atmospheric Ice Nuclei Concentrations on Radiant Properties of Cold Clouds
A Study on Retrieving Atmospheric Profiles from EOS/AIRS Observations
Numerical Simulation of Wind and Temperature Fields over Beijing Area in Summer
Topographic Effect on the Energetics of Geostrophic Adjustment
Synoptic Features of the Second Meiyu Period in 1998 over China
Atmospheric Free Modes and Subtropical High
The Effect of Asymmetric Wind Structures of Tropical Cyclones on Their Tracks
Effect of Horizontal Nonuniformity of Diabatic Heating on Tropical Cyclone Intensity and Structure
A Numerical Study of Sensitivity of the Physical Dissipative Technique to Precipitation Parameterization in a Mesoscale Model
Impacts of Previous Winter Kuroshio SSTA on Summer Rainfall in China
Temporal Characteristics of Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) and ENSO and Their Relationship Analyzed with Method of Empirical Mode Decomposition (EMD)
Numerical Simulations of the Physical Process for Hailstone Growth


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