The Uncertainty of Mesoscale Numerical Prediction of Heavy Rain in South China and the Ensemble Simulations?
CHEN Jing, XUE Jishan, YAN Hong
2005, 19(1): 1-18.
Abstract PDF
Topographic Effect on the Energetics of Geostrophic Adjustment
FANG Juan, WU Rongsheng, YI Aimin
2005, 19(1): 19-30.
Abstract PDF
Synoptic Features of the Second Meiyu Period in 1998 over China
ZHOU Yushu, DENG Guo, CHEN Huailiang, CHEN Zhong
2005, 19(1): 31-43.
Abstract PDF
Atmospheric Free Modes and Subtropical High
TAO Li, LU Weisong
2005, 19(1): 44-51.
Abstract PDF
The Effect of Asymmetric Wind Structures of Tropical Cyclones on Their Tracks
XIANG Jie, WU Rongsheng
2005, 19(1): 52-59.
Abstract PDF
Effect of Horizontal Nonuniformity of Diabatic Heating on Tropical Cyclone Intensity and Structure
YU Hui, DUAN Yihong, LIANG Xudong
2005, 19(1): 60-66.
Abstract PDF
A Numerical Study of Sensitivity of the Physical Dissipative Technique to Precipitation Parameterization in a Mesoscale Model
LIU Ying, LIU Chongjian, XU Hui, ZHAO Yongming
2005, 19(1): 67-75.
Abstract PDF
Impacts of Previous Winter Kuroshio SSTA on Summer Rainfall in China
LI Zhongxian, SUN Zhaobo, NI Donghong, ZENG Gang
2005, 19(1): 76-82.
Abstract PDF
Temporal Characteristics of Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) and ENSO and Their Relationship Analyzed with Method of Empirical Mode Decomposition (EMD)
HE Juanxiong, YU Zhihao, YANG Xiuqun
2005, 19(1): 83-92.
Abstract PDF
Numerical Simulations of the Physical Process for Hailstone Growth
FANG Wen, ZHENG Guoguang, HU Zhijin
2005, 19(1): 93-101.
Abstract PDF
Numerical Analysis of Effects of Atmospheric Ice Nuclei Concentrations on Radiant Properties of Cold Clouds
LI Juan, MAO Jietai, HU Zhijin, YOU Laiguang, ZHANG Qiang
2005, 19(1): 102-111.
Abstract PDF
A Study on Retrieving Atmospheric Profiles from EOS/AIRS Observations
GUAN Li, ALLEN Huang, LI Jun
2005, 19(1): 112-119.
Abstract PDF
Numerical Simulation of Wind and Temperature Fields over Beijing Area in Summer
HU Xiaoming, LIU Shuhua, WANG Yingchun, LI Ju
2005, 19(1): 120-127.
Abstract PDF


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