Issue in Progress

This issue is in progress; it contains journal articles that are being published as each individual article completes production, helping to shorten the time to publication. BE CAUTIOUS that technical editing, copy editing, and proof reading of these articles are still ongoing.
The 10 Most Influential Heavy Rain Events in China in 2022: Selection and Evaluation
Analysis of Boundary Layer Structure, Turbulence, and Flux Variations before and after the Passage of a Sea Breeze Front Using Meteorological Tower Data
Modulation of High-Latitude Tropical Cyclone Recurvature by Solar Radiation
A Deep Learning Method for Statistical Downscaling of CLDAS Relative Humidity with Different Sources of Data: Sensitivity Analysis
Calibration of Gridded Wind Speed Forecasts Based on Deep Learning
Sensitivity of the Size of a Tropical Cyclone to Sea Surface Temperatures in its Outer Region
Optimized Vertical Layers for the Hybrid Terrain-Following Coordinate Minimizing Numerical Errors in a 2D Rising Bubble Experiment near Steep Terrain
Analysis of Pressure Forcings for the Vertical Turbulent Fluxes in the Convective Boundary Layer at Gray Zone Resolutions
Latitudinal and Seasonal Variations in Tropical Cyclone-Induced Ocean Surface Cooling in the Tropical Western North Pacific
Improving Wind Forecasts Using a Gale-Aware Deep Attention Network
Probabilistic Wind Gust Forecasting during the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics
A Recombination Clustering Technique for Forecasting of Tropical Cyclone Tracks Based on the CMA-TRAMS Ensemble Prediction System
Influences of Graupel Microphysics on CMA-GFS Simulation of Summer Regional Precipitation


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