Record Flood-Producing Rainstorms of July 2021 and August 1975 in Henan of China: Comparative Synoptic Analysis Using ERA5
Interdecadal Variability of Summer Precipitation in Northwest China and Associated Atmospheric Circulation Changes
An Objective Method for Defining Meiyu Onset in Lower Reaches of the Yangtze River Basin
A New Hybrid Machine Learning Model for Short-Term Climate Prediction by Performing Classification Prediction and Regression Prediction Simultaneously
Surface Weather Parameters Forecasting Using Analog Ensemble Method over the Main Airports of Morocco
Impacts of the Urban Spatial Landscape in Beijing on Surface and Canopy Urban Heat Islands
Effect of Using Land Use Data with Building Characteristics on Urban Weather Simulations: A High Temperature Event in Shanghai
Assessment of Urban Climate Environment and Configuration of Ventilation Corridor: A Refined Study in Xi’an
Evaluation of the Madden–Julian Oscillation in Fengyun-3B Polar-Orbiting Satellite Reprocessed OLR Data
Pre-Processing, Quality Assurance, and Use of Global Atmospheric Motion Vector Observations in CRA
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