Cause–Effect Relationship between Meso-γ-Scale Rotation and Extreme Short-Term Precipitation: Observational Analyses at Minute and Sub-Kilometer Scales
Updated Simulation of Tropospheric Ozone and Its Radiative Forcing over the Globe and China Based on a Newly Developed Chemistry–Climate Model
Identifying Supercooled Liquid Water in Cloud Based on Airborne Observations: Correlation of Cloud Particle Number Concentration with Icing Probability and Proportion of Spherical Particles
Heavy Precipitation over the Jing–Jin–Ji Region in Early October: What Controls Its Interannual Variability?
Decadal Change of the Linkage between Sea Ice over the Barents–Kara Seas in November–December and the Stratospheric Polar Vortex in Subsequent January
Height Variation in the Summer Quasi-Zero Wind Layer over Dunhuang, Northwest China: A Diagnostic Study
Simulations of a Persistent Heat Wave Event in Missouri in Summer 2012 Using a High-Resolution WRF Model
Role of Intraseasonal Oscillation in a Compound Drought and Heat Event over the Middle of the Yangtze River Basin during Midsummer 2018
FY-4A/GIIRS Temperature Validation in Winter and Application to Cold Wave Monitoring
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