Fundamental Characteristics of Tropical Rain Cell Structures as Measured by TRMM PR
Impact of ENSO on MJO Pattern Evolution over the Maritime Continent
Regional Characteristics of Cloud Radiative Effects before and after the South China Sea Summer Monsoon Onset
Recent Weakening in Interannual Variability of Mean Tropical Cyclogenesis Latitude over the Western North Pacific during Boreal Summer
Future Changes in the Impact of North Pacific Midlatitude Oceanic Frontal Intensity on the Wintertime Storm Track in CMIP5 Models
Possible Links between Arctic Sea Ice Loss Events and Cold Eurasian Anomalies in Winter
Forced Decadal Changes in Summer Precipitation Characteristics over China: The Roles of Greenhouse Gases and Anthropogenic Aerosols
Quantifying the Cloud Water Resource: Basic Concepts and Characteristics
Quantifying the Cloud Water Resource: Methods Based on Observational Diagnosis and Cloud Model Simulation
Hailstorm Formation Enhanced by Meso-γ Vortices along a Low-Level Convergence Line
Maintenance and Sudden Change of a Strong Elevated Ducting Event Associated with High Pressure and Marine Low-Level Jet
Comparison of Heavy Rainfall Events Originated from Different Directions of Beijing City
Spatial Distribution and Temporal Trend Characteristics of Agro-Climatic Resources and Extreme Climate Events during the Soybean Growing Season in Northeast China from 1981 to 2017
Bias Analysis and Correction of Ground Surface Temperature Observations across China
Fusion of In-Situ Soil Moisture and Land Surface Model Estimates Using Localized Ensemble Optimum Interpolation over China
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