Increasing Trend of Summertime Synoptic Wave Train Activity over the Western North Pacific since 1950
A New Equatorial Oscillation Index for Better Describing ENSO and Westerly Wind Bursts
Multi-Factor Intensity Estimation for Tropical Cyclones in the Western North Pacific Based on the Deviation Angle Variance Technique
Application of Lightning Data Assimilation to Numerical Forecast of Super Typhoon Haiyan (2013)
The Impact of Storm-Induced SST Cooling on Storm Size and Destructiveness: Results from Atmosphere–Ocean Coupled Simulations
Impacts of 1.5°C and 2.0°C Global Warming on Runoff of Three Inland Rivers in the Hexi Corridor, Northwest China
Evaluation and Hydrological Application of CMADS Reanalysis Precipitation Data against Four Satellite Precipitation Products in the Upper Huaihe River Basin, China
Comparison of Snowfall Variations over China Identified from Different Snowfall/Rainfall Discrimination Methods
Table of Contents
The Process and Benefits of Developing Prototype Climate Services—Examples in China
Seasonal Rainfall Forecasts for the Yangtze River Basin of China in Summer 2019 from an Improved Climate Service
Verification of the 2019 GloSea5 Seasonal Tropical Cyclone Landfall Forecast for East China
Predictability of the Western North Pacific Subtropical High Associated with Different ENSO Phases in GloSea5
Representation and Predictability of the East Asia–Pacific Teleconnection in the Beijing Climate Center and UK Met Office Subseasonal Prediction Systems
High-Resolution Projections of Mean and Extreme Precipitation over China by Two Regional Climate Models
Tempospatial Pattern of Surface Wind Speed and the “Urban Stilling Island” in Beijing City
The Record-Breaking Extreme Drought in Yunnan Province, Southwest China during Spring–Early Summer of 2019 and Possible Causes


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