Near-Term Projections of Global and Regional Land Mean Temperature Changes Considering Both the Secular Trend and Multidecadal Variability
Projected Changes in Extreme High Temperature and Heat Stress in China
Influences of the 11-yr Sunspot Cycle and Polar Vortex Oscillation on Observed Winter Temperature Variations in China
Influence of Springtime Atlantic SST on ENSO: Role of the Madden–Julian Oscillation
Impact of 10–60-Day Low-Frequency Steering Flows on Straight Northward-Moving Typhoon Tracks over the Western North Pacific
Using a Hidden Markov Model to Analyze the Flood-Season Rainfall Pattern and Its Temporal Variation over East China
Effect of Mesoscale Land Use Change on Characteristics of Convective Boundary Layer: Semi-Idealized Large Eddy Simulations over Northwest China
Validation of Column-Averaged Dry-Air Mole Fraction of CO2 Retrieved from OCO-2 Using Ground-Based FTS Measurements
An Algorithm for Automated Identification of Gust Fronts from Doppler Radar Data
Simulation of Non-Homogeneous CO2 and Its Impact on Regional Temperature in East Asia
Evaluation of the Forecast Accuracy of Near-Surface Temperature and Wind in Northwest China Based on the WRF Model
The 200-hPa Wind Perturbation in the Subtropical Westerly over East Asia Related to Medium-Range Forecast of Summer Rainfall in China
A Heavy Rainfall Event in Autumn over Beijing—Atmospheric Circulation Background and Hindcast Simulation Using WRF
Erratum to: Regional Meteorological Patterns for Heavy Pollution Events in Beijing
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