Table of Contents
Relationship Between an Abrupt Drought-Flood Transition over Mid-Low Reaches of the Yangtze River in 2011 and the Intraseasonal Oscillation over Mid-High Latitudes of East Asia
Climatological Characteristics of Frontogenesis and Related Circulations over East China in June and July
Study on Ensemble-Based Forecast of Extremely Heavy Rainfalls in China: Experiments for July 2011 Cases
Characteristics of Clustering Extreme Drought Events in China During 1961-2010
The Meta-Gaussian Bayesian Processor of Forecasts and Associated Preliminary Experiments
Salient Local Binary Pattern for Ground-Based Cloud Classification
Preliminary Calibration of GPS Signals and Its Effects on Soil Moisture Estimation
Spectra and Cospectra of Turbulence in an Internal Boundary Layer over a Heterogeneously Irrigated Cotton Field
The Influences of Thermodynamic Characteristics on Aerodynamic Roughness Length over Land Surface
Cloud Microphysical Budget Associated with Torrential Rainfall During the Landfall of Severe Tropical Storm Bilis (2006)
Influence of Vertical Shear of Basic Tangential Wind on the Development and Maintenance of Typhoon
A Comparison of the Characteristics of Total and Cloud-to-Ground Lightning Activities in Hailstorms


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